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Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the leading cause of sports-related death.


Athletes with Sickle Cell trait have special considerations before and during their workout. During intense exercise, these athletes are at risk for a possibly life threatening condition called “exertional sickling.” The athlete’s red blood cells change from a disc shape to a rigid, sickle shape and can become trapped in arteries leading to muscles, blocking oxygen from getting to muscle and tissue. Exertional Sickling is a serious condition that can cause pain, weakness, and fatigue, and can be live threatening. Rest, hydration, and high flow oxygen are used to treat and prevent an exertional sickling crisis.

This animation was created for the athletic department at the Florida State University and was presented by Kendall Campbell, M.D., Associate Professor at the Florida State University College of Medicine. All content is copyright 2012 by the Florida State University College of Medicine.


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