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2024 North Florida High School
Sports Safety Awards Nomination

2024 North Florida High School Sports Safety Awards Nomination Form



THANK YOU for completing this form to nominate and recognize a high school sports safety team or individual for our awards program. This form can be used for all award categories. You can nominate only one candidate at a time and only one category per submission.

The selection guide is programmed to permit only one category of selection. While we encourage you to nominate deserving candidates for each category listed, each nomination requires a separate submission. A text box is available to help explain your nominations if needed.  Uploading a document in the space provided will allow you to give more detail on your submission.

NOTE: If you accidentally click on the submission category and wish to change it, simply click on the check mark, and it will delete allowing you to select a new category.

Please consider well-deserving programs and individuals for your nomination. This program recognizes those individuals and programs that are leading the effort and vision of HS sports safety. We seek programs implementing policies and procedures that promote best-practice strategies to keep kids safe while playing sports.

All HS athletic trainers and associated volunteer HS physicians in the northeast Florida region are eligible for awards.

Only one nomination per candidate is necessary.

Restricted categories are reserved for (athletic trainers, physicians, and combination AT/Physician)

Open awards are OPEN to everyone (for example, ADs, Principals, EMS, and the Community at large)

Thank you for your nomination.

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