Meet our team of Certified Athletic Trainers

Meet our Team

Pictured here on the left is the first cohort of Project 17 Certified Athletic Trainers Bob Sefcik, JSMP Executive Director, Melissa Angel (Jean Ribault HS, Phill Fain (William Raines HS), Kevin Kaplan, MD, Medical Director & Head Team Physician for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tatiana Burrough (Baldwin Middle/Senior HS), Chris Green (Andrew Jackson HS) & Blake Germann (Englewood HS).


Robert E. Lee High School

1200 McDuff Ave S (904) 381-3930
Athletic Trainer – John DeBruhl, ATC, LAT
Team Physician – Howard Weiss, MD

Athletic Trainer: My name is John Leaman DeBruhl Jr. and I was born and raised in Lexington, SC. I went to Lexington High School where I became involved in an Athletic Training Program.  From there I went to Charleston Southern University where I obtained an undergraduate degree in Athletic Training.

I hope to establish a comprehensive Athletic Training Program at Lee High School. My experiences in helping build an Athletic Training Program when I was in high school, will help me succeed in forming a new one at Lee.  My experience of attending a small school for my undergraduate degree allowed me to get more hands-on experience with athletes, allowing me ample time to improve my skills as an athletic trainer.


My ATF Philosophy: To provide the student athletes of Lee High School with the highest standard of care and help keep them on the field.

Edward H. White High School

1700 Old Middleburg Rd N (904)693-7620
Athletic Trainer – Amber Harrell, ATC, LAT
Team Physician – Jason Read, MD

Athletic trainer: Amber Harrell is a graduate from the Florida State University where she obtained a B.S. degree in Athletic Training. She was a member of the Student Athletic Training Association and was inducted into Iota Tau Alpha Honor Society. Amber is a proud product of the Duval County Public School system. She attended schools in Duval County from K-12 and is excited to come back and serve the community of student athletes in Jacksonville. From personal experience, Amber knows how critical it is to have an athletic trainer in the high school setting. She participated in sports at Paxon School for Advanced Studies where an athletic trainer would have positively impacted athletes on and off the field. Amber believes having an athletic trainer will be a great benefit to all student athletes. Amber’s philosophy is “prevention is the best medicine.” It is her mission to educate athletes, coaches, and parents on injury prevention strategies to keep student athletes safe. With this initiative it is her goal to reduce injury rates and keep the playing fields safer. Amber has the skills to recognize emergency situations, help prevent injuries, evaluate injuries, and implement recovery programs to accomplish her goal. Amber is ready to perform best practices in sports medicine at Edward H. White Military Academy of Leadership.


First Coast High School

590 Duval Station Rd (904) 757-0080
Athletic Trainer– Shakala Peterson, ATC, LAT
Team Physician – Jeff Burnelli, MD

Athletic Trainer: My name is Shakala Peterson, I am a 22 year old from Tampa, FL. I recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. While working as the Head Athletic Trainer at First Coast High School, I will be earning my Master of Science degree in Kinesiology at Jacksonville University. I hope to build a comprehensive sports medicine program at FCHS by promoting safety in sports, educating student-athletes about the importance of hydration and nutrition, and bringing awareness about the importance of recognizing and reporting injuries early. With help from different community organizations, and research from evidence-based practices, I will have the proper resources to make for a prosperous program.


Samuel W. Wolfson High School

 7000 Powers Ave (904) 739-5265
Athletic Trainer – Morgan Pavlansky, ATC, LAT
Team Physician – Brad Goldstein, MD

Athletic Trainer: My name is Morgan Pavlansky and I am from a small town all the way up in Ohio. I graduated undergrad from The University of Toledo with a bachelors of athletic training. I was very involved in college with organizations such as Relay for Life, RockeTHON (Dance Marathon), Athletic Training Club, Alpha Omicron Pi and The Arthritis Foundation just to name a few. What I hope to accomplish at Wolfson High School would be to help the athletes understand and appreciate what all goes into being an athlete that doesn’t just involve being on the field or court. By this I mean to help my athletes understand teamwork, injuries, and the time it takes to take care of your body correctly in order to prevent injuries as well as why it is important to learn about these things. A few skills that I have to help accomplish my goal is having a personable side meaning that I can explain things to my athletes in a way that they will understand and relate to, putting things in their perspective. I also believe that being well organized is a skill that will come to my advantage in accomplishing this goal.

My personal philosophy for my athletic training facility is for it to be accessible and a place that my athletes do not dread coming to when they have to. I want it to be a place where they feel comfortable knowing they can trust me with their injuries in and out of season.

Stanton College Preparatory High School

1149 W. 13th Street (904) 630-6760
Athletic Trainer – Lacey Dennis, ATC, LAT
Team Physician – Robert Martin, MD, St. Vincent’s Primary Care

Athletic Trainer: Lacey Dennis is a certified athletic trainer who is trained in the prevention and recognition of sports-related injuries. Lacey has the knowledge to clinically evaluate and diagnose, provide immediate care of emergent situations; provide treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning after injury; and organize services for sports safety. Lacey believes that all high schools should have access to a certified athletic trainer in order to provide appropriate services and keep the student athletes safe while competing. She completed her undergraduate honors thesis titled, The Effect of Static Stretching on Pennation Angle and Muscle Power Production in the Triceps Surae Complex with the help of Biomechanics Professor Dr. Li Li. Lacey has had the opportunity to present her research at multiple conferences, one conference being the National Undergraduate Research Conference at Harvard University. Lacey also received scholarship awards and recognition in the field of athletic training. Lacey holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Athletic Training with a minor in Spanish degree from Georgia Southern University.