Meet our team of Certified Athletic Trainers

Meet our Team

Pictured here is the first cohort of Project 17 Certified Athletic Trainers Bob Sefcik, JSMP Executive Director, Melissa Angel (Jean Ribault HS, Phill Fain (William Raines HS), Kevin Kaplan, MD, Medical Director & Head Team Physician for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tatiana Burrough (Baldwin Middle/Senior HS), Chris Green (Andrew Jackson HS) & Blake Germann (Englewood HS)

Andrew Jackson High School

3816 Main St. 32206 (904) 630-6950
Athletic Trainer – Chris Green, ATC, LAT
Team Physician – Jeff Brunelli, MD, UF Health

Vince Ober

Athletic Trainer: Christopher “Chris” Green, Jacksonville, Fl., graduate of the University of North Florida. Since high school, after a discussion with his guidance counselor, he knew athletic training was an interest. He began his career in in 2010 at UNF and the athletic training program in 2012. During the next two years, he learned and had experiences at Division I and II colleges, high school athletics, and rehabilitation clinics that would help him in his future career. While at UNF, he also worked as a direct service provider. On his off days, Chris likes to workout, play basketball, and spend quality time with his wife.

Throughout the past semester, Chis comments “I am enjoying putting all of the knowledge I consumed in two years to work. I am happy that every single concept that I learned is being put to use.”

Favorite quote: “Live life, learn and be happy.”

Baldwin High School

291 Mill St. Baldwin, FL 32234 (904) 266-1200
Athletic Trainer – Tatiana Burrough, ATC, LAT
Team Physician – Eric Shirley, MD, Nemours Children’s Specialty Care

Tatiana Burrough

Tatiana in action

Athletic trainer: Tatiana Burrough, born and raised in California, graduated from the University of North Florida with her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training in May of 2015. She began her academic career at the California State University Northridge in 2010 where she majored in Business Management. After growing disinterested in her studies in business, she decided to switch her major to Kinesiology, but eventually moved to Jacksonville in 2012 and transferred to University of North Florida. After her acceptance into UNF’s athletic training program, she worked with both high school and collegiate athletics, including football, women’s basketball, and track and field at Jacksonville University and UNF.

Since she began her career with Project 17, Tatiana states, “This experience has been incredible and life-changing. My confidence as a professional has grown tremendously and I am so grateful for this opportunity.”

Favorite Quote: “Believe the unbelievable. Receive the impossible. Because it’s doable.”

Englewood High School

4412 Barnes Rd.32207 (904) 739-5212
Athletic Trainer– Blake Germann, ATC, LAT
Team Physician – Wesley Mills, MD, St. Vincent’s Primary Care

Blake Germann

Athletic Trainer: Blake Germann, originally from Georgetown, Ohio- a 2008 graduate of Ripley High School, and a 2013 graduate of Shawnee State University. After receiving an undergraduate degree in Athletic Training she moved to Jacksonville to live with family for a new start. This is her second year as an athletic trainer after providing care at Terry Parker HS previously.

As an athlete, throughout her childhood, high school, and college years she had multiple injuries which led her to spending a lot of time doing physical therapy. There she became interested in rehabilitation and injury prevention. She chose athletic training instead of physical therapy because something different is thrown at you all the time so it keeps you on your toes. Being a big planner, this helps her take a step out of her comfort zone.

What she likes best about athletic training is being able to keep athletes safe, as well as, helping them through an injury process. Whether it is preventing injuries, saving them a trip to the doctors, or ensuring proper protocol for emergency management, she truly enjoys helping athletes. While not having an athletic trainer in high school, her goal was to give back what she didn’t have. In ten years, I see myself either still doing on-the-field work or in an educational setting teaching for an athletic training education program.

Blake in action

Raines High School

3663 Raines Ave. 32209 (904) 924-3049
Athletic Trainer – Phill Fain, ATC, LAT
Team Physician – Willie Pennick, MD, St. Vincent’s Primary Care

Athletic Trainer: Phillip Fain, a native of Jacksonville, Florida resided in Charleston, South Carolina and attended Academic Magnet High School until turning 17, then returned and graduated from Sandalwood High School. He became interested in athletic training because he never had one in either of his high schools. During his junior year in high school he suffered a torn ACL in his right knee and never had the proper guidance. His school did not have access to an athletic trainer, and living in a low income household did not have access to physical therapy and care. In high school, Phill played football, right guard and defensive tackle and received several scholarship offers; but, due to the ACL injury, football was off the table. Possessing a great desire to provide quality health care that he never received he decided to become an athletic trainer. In ten years he plans to be fully active in the community as an athletic trainer and hopes to open his own facility where athletes can come and receive care at little or no cost.

Ribault High School

3701 Winton Dr. 32208 (904) 924-3092
Athletic Trainer – Melissa Angel, ATC, LAT
Team Physician – Reginald Sykes, MD, St. Vincent’s Primary Care

Melissa Angel

Melissa in action

Athletic Trainer: Melissa Angel, a native of Monroe, New York and graduate of Dominican College in Orangeburg, New York moved to Jacksonville in August 2015. She started her professional career at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, New York. Initially studying Nursing in hopes of one day becoming an Emergency Room Nurse. After discovering her passion and desires were more for Athletic Training rather than nursing, she transferred to the Athletic Training Education Program at Dominican College. During her time there, she took advantage of a wide range of learning opportunities in Division 2 athletics, military academy and rural high school athletics, and in orthopedic settings. She graduated in 2015. During her college experience, she was also able to fully engage working full-time as an Emergency Medical Technician with Mobile Life Support Services. As an EMT, her emergency experiences helped guide her into becoming a more confident athletic trainer. In her free time, Melissa’s personal interests include working out, playing soccer, and hiking.

Throughout this past semester, Melissa states “I was able to engage myself completely in my passion of athletic training. I have been on a roller coaster of successful experiences. Without my mentors and peers with their unending support and guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am today “.

Favorite Quote: “Follow your passion, and success will follow you”